Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Best Friend

I was going through poems on Friends and Friendship. I got an inspiration from that to write about my best friend. Terri Fanning say:

Friendship is like the breeze,You can't hold it,Smell it,Taste it,Or know when it's coming,But you can always feel it,And you'll always know it's there,It may come and then go,But you can know it'll always be back.

I was lucky to have hold, smell and taste of friendship. Once in a while we meet someone who become so close to us for reasons unknown. The time we spend with them will always be our memories. Though the person is not closeby their thoughts will always remain in us. Every single soul on earth will have such a person. I am not an exception for that.

Today is my best friend's birthday. I thought of giving her a different gift. Here I go with a blog for her. We have been friends for 23+ years (touchwood). We don't spend much time together. We don't talk over phone everyday. We don't email eachother often. We have been out of touch for months together. But we still remain very close (again touchwood).

I don't know if there is something called 'telepathy'. But there was something between us. She will stand before me whenever I feel like talking to her or for that matter think of her. I would say we have been "best of buddies", though we have our own friends circle.

I take this opportunity her for her love and affection. I pray the Almighty to bless her with all the good things she deserve.

Dear Sowmya,

Wish you a very happy birthday di! Hope you had a great day! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend. I am very lucky coz I have you! Love you a lot!



A Friend

A simple word isn't it? It's uttered everyday to almost every person imaginable. Who are your friends? I used to think that friends were the people that you could laugh and talk to. Now I know that friends aren't that, they're the people that touch ur heart. You could spend hours with them doing nothing at all and it can be the best time of your life, just becuase it was with them. They're the people you can share your secrets with, cry with, laugh with, and just have fun with. They don't judge you or make you change. They accept you exactly as you are. They look at you and they see a great person, one they love spending time with. You all share something in common and are tied together by memories, tears, laughs and smiles. You're tied together by love for the other. Friendship is the strangest but greatest thing in the world. I find my time with my friends, the best times of my life. My friends are my heart, my soul, my fun, my laughter, tears, love and my life."

-Kate Tierney

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Naren Balaji said...

Your friend is indeed fortunate to have a friend like you!

and, yes, sometimes we don't talk to some friends that often, but they still remain our closest buddies!

Sowmya said...


Thnx a bunch for your wish yaar..:)
Indeed this is a spl gift to me..

I am really glad to have you as my best friend..i shall pray and strive for our friendship to remain as green & as fresh as a new bloomed flower...:)

Oh God...thanks a lot for bringing us together..:)

Sumesh Yoganath said...


Nice one again from you. Remember one thing, friendship is really hard to keep and continue. For 23+ years now, you n ur friend have miraculously kept it going. Kudos and hats off to both of you.


The Ignoramus said...

don't worry.. your friendship will last longer... no need to keep touching wood all the time. :)

Potpourri said...

I've tagged you..keep it rolling ..

Aarthi said...

Enna madam?? Onnume ezhudardu illa ippo ellaam? Namma family la naa oruthi daan onnum blog vekkalannu nanaikkaren...:-)
seekkaram naanum ezhudaren!!

seri...unga would-be-kanavar eduvum ezhudalayaa??

mail pannu di...enna Orkut la vera kudumbame irukku??? adi paavi unnoda scrap book la thousands of comments...sema popular pola irukku?


s@n:)eep said...

Nice blog i just came accross while passing thru by this way.....

Ur friend brezee has a realy gud smell...thats how i came here across i think so....

Nice blog.....keep rocking....All the best....

For the LOVE,Of the LOVE,By the Love,

Risha said...

I have a best friend too and gurl I ve felt what you feel :-)

Great blog you ve got here

Ramya said...

Isnt that the best part about friendship ? Being able to rekindle the spark even after losing touch!
First time here, nice blog :)

Caster said...

U guys being close friends for only 23+ yrs, wish u guys continue getting blessings from god to be friends for longest time.